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CVYF Boundary

Playing for  Team Outside Your Residential or School Boundary Area

1.  Before signing up for an out of bounds roster, the parents of the player must contact and receive a waiver from both their boundary team and the team that they would like their child to play for.  (without a formal release your child is ineligible to participate in any team activities)

2.  A waiver request must be submitted with cause by a parent or legal guardian to both Presidents of the affected Associations.  You can reach Cambrian Valley Youth Football’s President by emailing

3.  Waivers shall be granted upon written application executed and verified by both Association Presidents involved in the waiver request, attesting the waiver meets at least one of the following criteria, but not limited to:

  • Valid family circumstance (divorce, custody determinations, court decisions etc.) in which the child effectively resides in multiple locations
  • In cases where the team is full
  • In cases where the age/weight appropriate team does not exist
  • In demonstrated (proven) hardship cases

4.  All waivers expire annually on December 31st

*For a full description of Peninsula Pop Warner's rules regarding playing for another team out of your residential or school boundary, refer to this document:  Section AO6 of Standard Operating Procedure.

General Program Information

  • The program starts August 1st and we practice 10 hours per week until school starts (approximately)​
  • The first week of practice consists of 10 hrs of MANDATORY CONDITIONING, no child shall practice in pads without first completing their 10 hours of conditioning.
  • After Labor Day, we practice 6 hours per week.
  • Games are played on Saturday or Sunday depending on field availability and referees. 

At the conclusion of our local playoff's, our Champions participate in the Regional Championship held over the Thanksgiving Day weekend. If they are successful at this event, they will be eligible to participate in the National Cheerleading and Football Championship at Disney World in Orlando, Florida. To be eligible to participate in these events, the participants must meet the National scholastic eligibility requirements - a 2.0 grade point average (GPA).